Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When Can I Get These Chores Done!?!

Now that it’s spring, you many be tempted to do some much-needed spring cleaning.  But how do you find the time with all of those regular chores to do?  Here are some ideas on how to schedule your chores so you don’t feel like a maid and you have time to do the things you really want to do.

1. Make a list of chores for your home.  Brainstorm all of your chores, including spring cleaning chores.  Write down every task that needs to be done in your house on a regular basis.

2. Mark how often you’d like to do each chore.  On your list, estimate how often you’d like to accomplish each task: weekly, monthly, semi-annually, annually, etc.

3. Estimate how long it takes to do each chore.  Based on your experience with these chores in the past, write down how long it takes to do each task on your list.

4. Assign chores to your schedule.  Look at your weekly availability and determine when you can reasonably accomplish the weekly tasks.  Do the same for monthly, etc.  If you take an evening class or go to the gym on Tuesday nights, it may not be a good idea to schedule two hours of chores on that night.

5. Delegate.  Try to reinforce the importance of these chores to your household.  Give them each a chore that they can handle and that work with their schedules.  Can one of your children be in charge of the trash and recycling?  Can your spouse take care of loading the dishwasher and running it if you take care of emptying it?  Can you hire someone to mow the lawn, clean the bathrooms, walk the dog, etc.?

6. It’s all too much!  If your outcome still seems too overwhelming, it’s time to let some chores go.  If your chore schedule shows that you are spending too many hours cleaning on one or two days, see if there’s anything you can make biweekly.  Most likely, a room won’t fall apart if it has to wait an extra week.  Prioritize your chores and stick to your schedule, and you will have more time to do other things.

For spring cleaning ideas and laundry ideas, please search this blog. 

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