Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cashing In

Have you ever been a little strapped for cash? I know I have! Here are some easy ways to find cash and save money to get through the lean times.

1. Use your gift cards. Were you saving those Christmas and birthday gift cards for a rainy day? Use them now! Buy necessities, or use them to cover expenses of gifts for others. Or, trade them in for other gift cards at website like

2. Request the checks. It may be the perfect time to cash out your Paypal account, or to request the checks for your credit card’s dividend dollars and other money-back incentives. Also, follow up with your employer about business reimbursements, and call in those loans to friends.

3. Collect the change. Now is the time to cash in your change jar, and to look for loose change around the house. Don’t forget your car, couch, and coat pockets!

4. Contact your insurance company. Many insurance companies offer refunds for programs like health club memberships, smoking cessation, and maternity expenses. Research your insurance company’s programs online, and call them to see if you qualify.

5. Clean out your pantry. I’ve found that most people have enough food in their kitchens to feed a small army. If you’re short on cash, try using up all of the food you have in stock, buying only perishable items like milk and eggs. It’s a chance to assess the items you want to replace, as well as to be a creative chef!