Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do You Have any 80-Million-Dollar Vases Lying Around?

Check out this article: - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Vase found in house clutter sells for £51m

A vase found under a pile of clutter sold for 51 million pounds, which is over 80 million dollars. Clear out that clutter, folks!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Organizing Documents For Your Heirs -

Although none of us wants to think about this, I'm sure none of us wants to picture our family rooting through piles of paperwork and having trouble finalizing bills after our death. Here is a great article about how to organize your paperwork for your heirs when you pass away.

Organizing Documents For Your Heirs -

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is coming, followed by Christmas, and more! Are you having trouble organizing all of your holiday decorations? Do you feel like you have more and more each year? Are boxes and bins of seasonal items occupying too much space in your home? Here are a few suggestions to trim the trimmings.

Plan and pare down. Decide which areas of your home you wish to decorate: the front door, the mantle, the stairs, the dining room table, etc. Then determine which decorative items will go in each space. Anything that doesn’t fit can be donated or given to family members.

Store wisely. Many seasonal decorations are stored in basements or attics. It’s best to store them in clear, plastic bins to prevent dampness and dust. Select bins that you can easily carry up and down stairs and through doorways. Label them well, and store all of one holiday’s items together. If you store your items in a sunny room, use opaque bins instead.

Consider displaying decorations you don’t have to store. If you are really tight on space, consider using plants and other temporary decor. For Halloween, use pumpkins, mums and bales of hay. Purchase pine cones, berries, poinsettias and evergreen wreaths for Christmas. When the holiday passes, you can dispose of these items easily in an eco-friendly way.

Concentrate on the meaning behind the holidays. When you think back to past holidays, was the abundance of decor what you remember most? The traditions and family memories celebrated among the decorations are what make your holidays special.