Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daylight Saving To-Do List

Instead of worrying about your "inner clock" when daylight saving time rolls around on March 9, why not concentrate on a few important tasks that need to be done every six months? By scheduling them during the highly-publicized fall and spring events, you'll never forget them again.

1. Right after you change your clocks, change your smoke detector batteries. Fire companies have been promoting this routine for years. It only costs a few dollars for a new battery, and it could save your life.

2. Replace air filters in your heating/air conditioning system. This should be done at least every six months, or more often if you have pets or run your system a lot.

3. Flip your mattress. Flipping your mattress twice a year saves your mattress and your back. (Flipping may not be necessary for memory foam or pillow top mattresses.)

4. Replace your car's windshield wipers. It's best to replace your windshield wipers ever six months, or more often if you have a long commute and park outdoors. Measure your wipers, buy replacements for about $5 to $15 each, and install them yourself. Or, ask your mechanic to do it, possibly in combination with an oil change or inspection.

5. Replace your car's air filter. Either ask your mechanic to do it, or do it yourself. Air filters cost about $10 to $50, and your auto parts store will have guides on which filter your car uses. Although
it can be a little dirty, it doesn't take a whole lot of know-how to change the filter. Just make sure you let your car's engine cool down before opening up the hood.

6. Add your own items to this list. For example, my vacuum cleaner needs a filter replaced every six months. There is no way I would remember to do that without my daylight saving list.

After the first time you implement your daylight saving to-do list, you will know the last time you did everything. You'll not only save daylight, but you'll save your sanity!