Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A&E's Hoarders TV Show

Professional Organizers have had mixed feelings about a new show called "Hoarders" on A&E. The show seems to have brought out the best and the worst in us!

Each episode features two people with hoarding issues, and the Professional Organizers and psychologists who help them clean out their homes in a two-day time period.

The good thing is that it may help some viewers realize that they are hoarding and encourage them to contact a professional.

The bad thing is that very few projects with hoarding clients are completed in two days. Most hoarding clients need months or years to clean out and to overcome their challenges. The organizing team works in conjunction a therapist who requires the client to attend regular therapy sessions.

I know it's hard for TV producers to spend a year following a person's journey, but I wish someone had the courage and patience to document the long-term advances a person struggling with hoarding can make. Maybe it would help potential hoarders catch their habits before their houses became unsafe.

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