Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love My Sterilite Shelves

I moved recently, and I was happy to finally have a space (albeit small) to house some storage shelving. This opened the new conundrum, though: what kind should I buy? I opted for Sterilite's plastic shelving with matching bins. I like this option because the system deters me (and my family) from shoving little things into edges and corners of the shelves. The boxes take up almost the whole shelf.

I chose clear storage bins because I can find items more easily this way, and the location doesn't receive a lot of direct sunlight. (If you are setting up storage in a bright attic or spare room, choose Sterilite's opaque bins instead.)

Also, I like how versatile the shelf heights are. As you may be able to see in the photo, I have extra shelves when I need to make one taller to fit more storage.

You can buy all of the pieces of the system at SpaceSavers.com. They may seem a little pricey, but personally I'd rather pay $13 for a good bin than $10 for a lousy bin that will break, won't work in my space, or have to replace in a few years.

A caveat: if you buy somewhere else, remember that not all Sterilite shelves and bins are the same. When buying shelves, look for ones 36" wide (as the bins are a little over 15" wide) so there is room for the shelf posts. When buying bins for these shelves, look for 25-quart and 50-quart.

Happy organizing!

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